Cool to go to School

There have been some really fun things going on at the school this month! First we had Heritage Night. Heritage Night is where families are encouraged to come and show off their culture to the school. There is a potluck where people are encouraged to bring in their favorite dish, or a dish that represents their culture. There are performances, art work, crafts, and all sorts of fun things to show off where the students are from. The kindergarten was singing a song for everyone and Lillian was so excited to do it, until it was almost time to go up and perform. She got really nervous not knowing where to go or what to do. We decided that we would sit that one out. We still had a great time seeing the different cultures that make up our school!

We also had engineering night at the school. They had different classrooms set up with different engineering games for families to work on together. There was bridge building, cup stacking (without being able to touch the cups), Rocket launches, communication, domino bridges, coding, seeing how far you could make a hot wheels cars go, and maybe a few others. The kids loved this evening and it was fun to see Chris teaching the kids about the why and how things work.

Ryan also had a field trip to the library which I was able to chaperone. It was fun to see how the local library works and to get some great books! We love being a part of a great school!

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