March no More

Spring has come to Seattle! The weather is warming up, the sun is shining a lot longer and a lot more often, and we are enjoying it! (Although I still do enjoy the rainy days too!)

We were able to do a lot of fun things in March (which was MUCH needed for all of us). Chris took time off working on the house and played with us! Lillian and Chris both did get sick for a bit, but even that couldn’t keep us down!

We got the bikes out and the little race car that that kids love playing with. We made a tether ball pole, we went to beaches and parks. We did hikes, and went on drives. We tried out mini golf for the first time. We played with friends and we even got some yard work in!


  1. Phyllis A Tanner

    You are having so much fun, no matter what the weather.! I love the way you help your dad with your projects Ryan. I wish we we’re there to do fun things with you. Lily and Ryan, I love the adventures you go on. Aunt Joan and Uncle Jary are here from Seattle and we are having fun doing Arizona activities like hIking in the desert and going on a boat ride. We love you so much.

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