Day 13: Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove) to Kake

June 9, 2022 Day 13: Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove) to Kake. 34 miles- 1365 total miles

After breakfast we were trying to figure out what to do next. We knew we had some bad weather headed our way, so we would be stuck wherever we went next, at least for a little bit. We also knew we could stay put for a few days. Pybus Bay is beautiful and there really are worse places to be stuck. Our dilemma for staying put was where we could get gas. We knew some fuel stations were open for just a limited amount of time, the tricky part was we didn’t know what their schedule would be. We also knew we could just head to Kake and get gas there. The con of going to Kake is we would have to cross the straight again to get there, and then cross it again to get to where we want to go next. The pros of going to Kake is it felt like the most reliable place to get gas. Other fuel stations were also a bit out of the way as well. 

We also didn’t have internet or phone service to call some of the other fuel stations to ask their hours. On Navionics (an app we use to look at anchorages, places to moor, where to get fuel, etc.) not all of the fuel stations had hours. The ones that didn’t have hours, but had reviews that stated hours were pre covid and it just felt risky. If we got to a place that didn’t have fuel we would be stuck without gas. We decided that we would send a delorme message to Chris’ parents and have them check fuel places for us. They were a great help and responded really quickly. They found out some places were only open a few days a week, and we would be stuck all weekend waiting for fuel. The McBrides weren’t able to get a hold of other places, and that felt risky, so we decided Kake is where we would be. (A delorme as a satellite messaging/tracking device. We can email/text on it.)

While we were trying to figure out our gas situation we saw a bear on the beach. Chris worked on getting the Dinghy down and the rest of us  watched the bear. It didn’t stay on the beach long and scurried into the forest not too long after I spotted it. I am pretty confident this one was a black bear. The first two bears we saw I wasn’t sure if they were Brown (grizzlies) or Black Bears. 

I decided I would stay in the boat with Ellen while Chris and the kids rowed around. They got near the beach where I saw the bear and they found a deer shed (Bucks-male deer, don’t keep their antlers year round, when their testosterone level drops, they lose or shed their antlers and that is a deer shed). The kids really wanted that shed and since we hadn’t seen the bear in about 20 minutes they all felt safe enough to go on shore. They had a radio with them and I had one with me in the boat so we were able to talk to each other. I kept a close eye to make sure that the bear didn’t come back.They walked around the beach, found the deer shed and part of a vertebrae of another animal, and an arm or leg bone of something. 

I wasn’t brave enough to go on land alone, but I did want to go around in the dinghy a bit by myself. Chris stayed with the kids and I was able to get a little alone time. It was a perfect day for a dinghy ride and the perfect location. I even had a seal buddy following me around.

Chris out awa the dinghy and I made lunch and we were off to Kake. As we were pulling into Kake we saw a group of about 5 humpback whales. It was about 4:30 PM and McBrides told us and we saw online (we had service as we got closer to Kake) that Kake fuel closed at 6:00 PM so we stayed and watched the humpbacks for quite a while. At 5:30 PM we pulled into the fuel docks for gas, and they were closed. I guess they close earlier than 6:00 PM. We were told that they wouldn’t open until 9:00AM the next morning, so staying the night in Kake it is.

When Chris went to pay for our spot on the dock, he checked out the laundry and the showers and the facilities looked good, so we will do laundry and take showers tomorrow before we get gas. The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow, so we may be in Kake for a few days. We will see.

When I was making dinner Chris took the girls out for a walk. They found a golf ball in an old search and rescue boat. Our treasure pile is growing. 

Bear Count: 1 today- 3 total

Ryan’s thoughts: We found an antler shed and a vertebrae and a leg bone. I got mending on my armor in Minecraft. 

Lillian’s thoughts: Today wasn’t ½ bad! Well…I guess today was awesome in the start and now not as awesome! Haha! So I had a great breakfast then me, Ryan, and Dad went out on the dinghy to see a bear, but instead of a bear we saw the antler shed, a vertebrae, and a leg/arm bone and a really cool rock, but we a saw a bear, moose, or deer track and some wolf poop! Then we played on our tablets and then we saw whales! And then we docked and me and Ellen and Dad went out and walked around! Then Ryan came! And we went to a shipwreck! Then I had a not so good dinner so now I sleep.

Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove)
Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove)
Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove)
Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove)

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