Day 15: Warm Springs

June 11, 2022 Day 15: Warm Springs

Since we got into Warm Springs in the evening yesterday and didn’t get to everything we decided to stay another day here.

I didn’t mention yesterday, but there is a huge waterfall that empties into the ocean and it creates quite a current near the dock. It does make it a bit rolly when docked there, but it really is quite spectacular to see. I guess the hot springs are nestled right at the top of the waterfall where the river is flowing swiftly. There is also a little lake up a ways that we knew we wanted to see.

After breakfast we headed out on our walk to find the lake, the hot springs, and maybe make it to the waterfall. I took Ellen’s carrier hoping that she would nap in it, but at the very least she could ride in it when she was done walking. I’m glad I brought it because not too far up the hill she was ready for a ride.

The path to the lake is mostly a boardwalk type of path and it really was a beautiful hike. We made it near the lake and passed a man who said he came here by float plane and when we got to the lake we would see it and not climb on it. Sure enough there was a float plane in the lake. The lake wasn’t huge, but it was beautiful!

On the way to the lake we passed the turn off for the hot springs, but we decided to hit the hotsprings on the way back, after the lake. We made it to the hot springs, but the man who flew his float plane was in there and he was naked. We weren’t planning on soaking in this hot spring, the tubs were just right for our family so the kids climbed around and all three managed to get water in their boots. To be fair the girls’ boots are more ankle length. (If anyone takes this path wear boots, it was very muddy/wet.) 

After the kids were done playing around we headed back towards the boat. We passed some people and they told us that the man in the floatplane came from Maine and he flew it all the way up here. Sounds like quite the adventure and I am curious what the logistics of that type of trip would be. 

We had lunch on the boat and then Chris decided he wanted to try to get Ellen to nap in the v-berth so I wouldn’t have to hold her. He climbed in there with her and both of them ended up falling asleep and both got pretty good naps in. Since I had some down time I went through my pictures and organized them. I think everyone needed a slower day to rest and relax, it was really nice.

After naps we were ready for another soak in the baths. While we were having quiet time, a big boat named Northern Song came with some passengers and they were all in the baths so we had a bit of a wait. The boat that came was an 80+ foot cruise type experience boat. It looked like a pretty awesome set up. We have seen a lot of really nice boats. I’m really glad we are doing this trip in our little boat. But I think I would also like a trip on a boat like the Northern Song too, maybe kid free?

After waiting a while for the baths to free up, we just decided we would all go in one room and just take turns in the bath. It worked out well, but me and Ryan were already planning on how we could go to the baths and get some privacy as well.

After our baths we decided it would be a good time to walk down to the base of the waterfall. We walked along the boardwalk that veered left and went down instead of up and we came to some huge rocks/base of the mountain and we were at the mouth of the waterfall. The wind and the spray from the waterfall was too much for Ellen to get too close, and it was a bit chilly, but the big kids went as close as they could to it. 

While we were at the waterfall some people caught a 30 lb salmon in the current made by the waterfall, and a kid caught a small fish, so naturally the kids wanted to drop some lines in the water. (It wasn’t salmon fishing season just yet so they were all catch and releases. It was a little chilly for me and Ellen so we went back in the boat while Chris and the kids fished. Ryan got a tiny fish and released it. 

We also enjoyed watching a river otter playing in the rocks near our anchorage. They sure are cute. 

Ellen likes finding rocks and sticks and plopping them over the edge of the boardwalk into the water. She definitely makes me nervous up high and over freezing cold water.

Ryan’s Thoughts: We found a toilet seat in the ocean and we went to a hot spring and saw a river otter. We also caught a fish like this big                                                .

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today I had hashbrowns and 5 pop tart bites! Then we went on a hike and ate lunch. Then Ryan and I played on our tablets! Then we soaked in hot springs! Then we ate dinner and I played on my tablet, goodnight!

View from our boat. I am pretty sure this is where the river otter lives.
I was teaching the big kids how to use the big camera. Ryan saw this and took a picture byhimself.
Ellen took a nap in the v-berth! This will be game changer if she keeps it up!
view from the bath
view from the bath
The big kids at the base of the big waterfall.
Northern Song in comparison to Lil Teal (our boat, it has the magenta dinghy on top and the green canvas camperback)

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