Day 18: Appleton Cove to Hoonah

June 14, 2022 Day 18: Appleton Cove to Hoonah 86 miles- 1679 total miles

After the kids and Chris went on the dinghy yesterday, we left it out so people could go out in it today. Chris took the kids out in the dinghy, even Ellen got to go. I decided to stay back and work on a few chores around the boat. They went on land and walked around a bit. The tide was coming in this time and pretty fast. Ryan was standing on a rock and as the tide came in it turned into an island that he got “stranded” on. Everyone had a good time exploring, and I enjoyed the alone time and watching them from a distance. 

After everyone got back to the boat Ryan really wanted to go by himself. It’s a pretty protected area so we told him he could go out. He loved it and it was fun watching him. Lillian decided that she wanted to go alone as well and she had a good time with that too. Watching them on the dinghies was one of those moments where I realized my kids are getting old. 

Lillian was feeling pretty homesick and overwhelmed yesterday. We switched up our sleeping arrangement so she had more head room, and her dinghy ride seemed to really help her mood. We’ve also decided that we need more individual space. One kid will be in the v-berth and one can be sitting at the table and they can swap. Lillian said she was feeling all the way better today. I’m sure we’ll have more overwhelming and frustrating days on our trip, I’m surprised we’ve made it this long in such good spirits. 

After everyone had a turn in the dinghy we loaded it up and headed out. Peril Straight was a bit lumpy, but Chatham Straight wasn’t bad! We saw whales in a few different places, which will never get old to me (Ryan is pretty over the whales though). 

Ellen is getting more comfortable in the boat. Today she played on the floor for a long time.

We made it to Hoonah. There were two big cruise ships docked there. Hoonah was bigger than I was expecting and had more stuff to do. We did get in too late for dinner on land though. We pulled in around 7:00 and most places closed by 7:30PM. By the time we unloaded and walked over it would be too late. Instead we went to a grocery store and I got a few things for dinner that night. Since Lillian has been having a hard time, I got stuff for Asian food, her favorite. She wanted potstickers really badly, so that’s what we got! We also got a thing of icecream to share after dinner.

We will stay the night in Hoonah, and maybe do laundry, take showers and maybe get some food on land before heading out tomorrow. 

Ryan’s Thoughts: I did the dinghy all by myself. I fell off my seat. (Amanda here: there is a bench seat you sit on to row, he was rowing so hard he slipped off the seat, but stayed in the dinghy) it was awesome! And it was pretty, I also saw a seal chasing me and ice cream. 

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today I had poptarts and hashbrowns for breakfast. And then Dad and Ellen went on the dinghy and then Ryan did and then I did then Dad, Ellen, Ryan and me went on land and me and Ryan got deserted in an island! And then we went to I don’t know! Then we discussed and talked and got stressed. And we talked about going to a restaurant, but then we went to a store instead and got stuff for dinner. Now it’s dinner and I’m having dumplings! So goodnight! MMMMMM!

We got some drone footage of the kids paddling in Appleton Cove

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