Day 19: Hoonah to Mosquito Cove

June 15, 2022 Day 19: Hoonah to Mosquito Cove 47 miles- 1726 total miles

We woke up kind of early for us, and were out of the boat by 8:30 AM. Since Ellen stays up so late she does sleep in until about 8:30-9:00 AM in the morning, so this was early for us. We used the bathroom on land and walked to breakfast. There is a restaurant really close to the marina called “Fisherman’s Daughter”. Their breakfast looked really good, but the kids really wanted pancakes and french toast, and Fisherman’s Daughter only had waffles. We knew the Icy Strait Lodge had pancakes and french toast, and the kids decided the almost mile walk was worth it, so off we went. Luckily The Icy Strait Lodge really did have pancakes and french toast so the kids were very happy.

Breakfast was good! The kids were able to play foosball and each kid got a balloon so they were extra happy. 

After breakfast we went to the marina and used the showers and did laundry. Both were in the harbormaster’s office. The shower was also very private. It had a toilet and two showers and a bench in a room that locked. The showers did take quarters to use, so everyone got quick showers. Ellen still doesn’t like showers.

While the laundry was going we went to a park and played, and then we went to Fisherman’s Daughter for a late lunch. 

After lunch and laundry we got gas and we continued on our journey. We did try dropping some lines for fish, but we didn’t have the patience to really sit around, so we headed off with no fish. 

The water was glass and it made it easy to spot a lot of wildlife. We saw sealions, otters, and humpbacks. We were even lucky enough to see some humpback whales breaching. While we were watching the whales, Chris and I swear we heard some wolves howling. 

We got to our anchorage late. I promised the kids hot cocoa, so I made that up for them before bed.

It is just after 11:00 PM and I am writing in my journal with no artificial light. It is wild how late it stays light out here. 

Ryan’s Thoughts: I did Mister Mime achievement and I got ice cream and hot coco! 

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today is awesome! First I woke up and then ate breakfast. Delicious! Then we ate lunch. Delicious again! And then left and saw whales. Then I watched a movie and not its bedtime. 

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