Day 23: Dundas Bay South West Arm to Dundas Bay North Arm

June 19, 2022 Day 23: Dundas Bay SW Arm to Dundas Bay N Arm  8 miles- 1892 total miles

Chris made breakfast this morning, it’s always a good morning when I don’t have to make breakfast! There was a black bear on the beach near our anchorage. We are still getting excited when we see a bear, I’ll always love it, I wonder if the kids will get tired of seeing them?

We talked about what we wanted to do in Glacier Bay and looked at maps to get an idea of where we would anchor while we were there. I can’t believe tomorrow is our permit! 

We pulled up our anchor and headed for the other place in Dundas Bay that we are going to stay at. We kept the dinghy out and just towed it slowly. Dundas Bay is a beautiful area with rocky islands, big stretches of grassy beaches, and of course mountains and forest views as well. 

When we got to our anchorage site it was low tide. One of the beaches was full of huge boulders, it looked like a really cool place to explore. I think Chris would have gotten in the dinghy right when we anchored, except there were two brown bears scavenging on the beach. When there are two bears I always just assume a mom and her cub. Before dropping anchor we watched them for a bit and when they went back into the forest we decided to boat around to see where exactly we wanted to anchor. When we got to where we would anchor another brown bear came out. This one was a bit bigger than the other two and a little darker.

We dropped the anchor and watched him walk the beach. This one even got in the water and laid down for a bit. Chris watched him through the binoculars and saw him blow bubbles. Maybe he was trying to flush out some small fish/crabs? Or maybe he was a kid at heart and just liked blowing bubbles. Regardless he was fun to watch and he hung out for a while. 

Chris needed to change the oil again and thought this was as good of a spot as any, so he worked on that while Ellen napped and I got to read. It was so nice and refreshing (for me, maybe not Chris.) I love that Ellen is sleeping alone now. Her naps are better, and I feel better having a little bit of space. 

After all that Chris took Ellen out in the dinghy for a little bit, then he took Lillian out in the dinghy.  Ryan didn’t want to go in the dinghy then, but later decided he did want to go out, but it was pouring rain, so he missed out. 

In the evening we saw a different wolf on the beach, and later we saw another bear. The promise of lots of wildlife in Dundas Bay held true for us. Others have seen moose here, but again I am out of luck in that area. 

It was raining, but Chris decided to put the dinghy up so he wouldn’t have to in the morning. This was the most nervous I got that he would fall in, luckily he didn’t, although he was soaking wet from the rain. 

That night at around 11:00 PM the rain stopped and the fog was rolling in over the mountains. It was really a beautiful sight. Chris was looking out the window so I wanted to see what he was looking at. (The v-berth doesn’t really have a window for viewing things. There is a glass hatch, but it just looks straight up at the sky. I can only tell if it’s a little light, or really light outside, or if it’s raining.) I sat up to see what Chris was looking at, and Chris and I were talking about how beautiful it was. Ryan wanted to see so he got up to look out the window too. (Lillian and Ellen were both out cold.) Ryan said that a lot of times I’ll have him look at a view to see how pretty it is, but he’s never impressed. He said that this was beautiful and the most beautiful view he has seen of the trip so far. Glacier Bay National Park tomorrow!

Bear Count: Today: 6     Total: 21                     Wolf Count: Today:1   Total: 2

Ryan’s Thoughts: We saw a bear and a lot of bears, a bunch of them, 6 to be exact and I saw one of them, and a wolf. 

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today was OK. We woke up, saw a bear then ate oatmeal for breakfast! Then we went. When we got to this place we saw a momma bear and a cub with it, then we saw another bear! Then we ate dinner and saw a wolf! Again! Then we went to bed. 

We weren’t sure how Ellen would like going out in the rain. With her rain suit on she loved it and had a great time!
So many bugs. The kids weren’t venture out without their bug nets.
11:00 PM. Of course the pictures don’t capture how stunning it was outside.
11:00 PM
The fog stuck around and was still there at 6:00 AM

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