Days 29 and 30: Auke Bay Juneau

June 25, 2022 Day 29: Auke Bay Juneau

We didn’t boat anywhere today. Today was a chore day, moving out of the boat, cleaning the boat, and getting ready to move into our Airbnb tomorrow.

I woke up early, it was bright and hot. I started reading and then I checked the time and it was only 5:00 AM. I decided I needed to try to go back to sleep or I’d be tired all day.

After waking up for reals we paid for our moorage and then went to breakfast at Cafe By the Bay. It is a short walk from the marina and really good, and reasonably priced. We all enjoyed the food, and the wifi! 

We decided that we needed a rental car for the day to move into the airbnb. When we first planned this trip we planned on renting a car the whole time we were here, then we looked at prices and realized it would be more than our Airbnb. We knew we would need a car sometimes and just decided to rent it a day or two at a time as needed. We decided to get a car for two days. We could run errands for the boat, and for groceries. Unload the boat, load up the car, and move into the Airbnb. 

I took the kids back to the boat for a nap and quiet time and Chris went to get the car rental. It was a warm day and it was hot in the boat, over 80 degrees. I covered all the windows and turned on all the fans. After naps and after Chris came back with the car rental, Chris worked on cleaning the boat and I took the kids to McDonalds and to sit in air conditioning. 

We got back from McDonalds and picked up Chris then we went to a boat store for a few things. The girls got taller rain boots there, so hopefully no more flooded boots. We also looked into finding a phone for me, but we didn’t have any luck, I’ll just have my dad go to verizon and send me one. 

We got dinner at a Chinese place, then we found a park and let the kids play around for a while. When they were playing we called our parents to let them know we made it. It was great talking to them! 

Then we headed back to the boat for bed. Our last night on the boat! 

Ryan’s Thoughts: I played minecraft, got the best breakfast of my life, and we ate at restaurants.

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today I had a good ish day! So we started to wake up and go to the bathroom. Then we ate breakfast and went back to the harbor. Dad went to rent a car and I had some quiet time, then mom and dad did some boat stuff. Then me, mom, ryan, and Ellen went to McDonalds, then we went to some stores and dad got me a b-day present, BOOTS. Then we got out and played at a park and I made a new friend. Tomorrow is my b-day YAY. So then we went back to the boat and now we will brush our teeth and play our tablets and go to bed gooooooodnight see you on my birthday! 

June 26, 2022 Day 30: Juneau

Today is Lillian’s Birthday! I really hope we can make it a special day for her. I know it’s weird being on our trip and having chores to do to move into the Airbnb.

We woke up and me and Lillian both needed to go potty. We decided to walk up to the bathrooms on land. When we got up everyone was awake except Ellen. We decided to let Ellen sleep and while we waited Lillian got to open two of her presents. 

When Ellen was awake we went to get some breakfast. We let Lillian choose where to go and she chose Cafe by the Bay again. It was just as good as yesterday! We left the boat at breakfast time and the kids and I haven’t been back. So weird!

We went to Costco while we waited for the Airbnb check in. I didn’t get groceries yet, since we had a few hours before we would have a fridge, but we got an idea of the stuff we wanted. We did get a few non refrigerated things.

We went to Fred Meyer to get a few new clothes since we didn’t bring much and Lillian looked at cakes that she wanted. 

We got lunch at a pizza place with an arcade, so the kids had a blast playing games and eating pizza. Then it was time to check into our Airbnb! 

We moved all our stuff into the Airbnb, Lillian opened the rest of her presents, then Lillian and I went grocery shopping. She was a great helper. We got her the cake she wanted, which was a really cute white cake decorated like a watermelon. I am so bummed I forgot to get pictures of it! 

Chris and Ryan helped unload groceries, then Chris needed to run a few errands. He needed to get a folding table for him to work on and he needed to clean out the ice chest on the boat. Luckily the ice chest was still doing well. When we were in Glacier Bay we got a small iceberg that fit in the ice chest and we’ve been good on ice for several days!

When Chris got back we did cake and ice cream and the kids did a performance for Chris and I. It was so cute. Lillian loves singing songs and performing for us and Ryan is a good sport and does a few duets with her. 

We all showered and feel so refreshed. It feels good to be settled!

Ryan’s Thoughts: New best breakfast and we got pizza and I played minecraft dungeons arcade. I got ice cream and cake and we made it to our airbnb. It was Lily’s b-day!

Lillian’s Thoughts: Today is my birthday! I’m now nine! I went to the bathroom then went shopping then we ate lunch at an arcade! So we got to play a racing game and Minecraft Dungeons. Then we went to the Airbnb. Now its bed and I had the best cake OMG it was so good it was a watermelon with ants on it and its bed goodnight!

And in honor of Lillian’s birthday:

What a joy it has been to parent Lillian. She is kind, creative, and always coming up with something fun. Happy Birthday Lil!

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