Day 38: Tracy Arm Cove to Juneau

July 4, 2022 Day 38: Tracy Arm Cove to Juneau 53 miles- 2645 total miles

Today no one was really feeling breakfast so we didn’t heat anything up so we were able to head out more quickly.  Right outside the cove there were huge icebergs. We saw a few bald eagles, and other birds fishing. It’s always impressive to see the bald eagles come swooping down with their huge talons out.

We saw a few humpbacks, and then a pod of a few orca whales. A cruise ship was coming so we decided to watch the orcas and wait for the ship to pass. After we started up again we saw quite a few more humpbacks.

We took  a different path home that was a little more scenic. We went between a few islands, it was really pretty. On the other side of the island there was quite a bit of debris we had to maneuver around. As we were coming into the harbor we stopped for the potty. When we started again the boat was running funky. Chris pulled up the prop and a small log was wedged in there. It didn’t look like it did any damage, once it fell out everything was running smoothly again.  

We made it back to Juneau and got gas right away. Looks like we had about 12 gallons to spare, not too bad! 

Once we docked I was looking for a place to eat and noticed that buses didn’t seem to be running. I checked and sure enough no buses were running on the 4th of July. We could have gone to the other marina that is closer to our house. We could get a Lyft, but with Ellen it makes it tricky without having a carseat. Or we could rent a car. Renting a car won out, so Chris got a Lyft to the airport and picked up our car. The timing was actually pretty good because Chris needs to do some boat maintenance this week and having a car would make it a lot easier.

We dropped some stuff off at the Airbnb, and decided to go out to eat. We also  went for treats, and walked around the marina “boat shopping”. It was nice to have the freedom of the car.  We will do a Costco run, boat maintenance and some other errands while we have the car. 

When we got home I unloaded and the kids were able to go outside and watch some neighborhood fireworks. It was kind of a late night for getting in around lunchtime, but that happens.

Ryan’s Thoughts: We got ice cream at McDonalds and made it back to the Airbnb.

Lillian’s Thoughts: I woke up and was not hungry then went and skipped lunch, then got home and ate dinner. Goodnight!

When we were walking around the docks Ellen was tired and laid down, the big kids decided to join her.

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