Day 79: Shearwater to Fury Cove

August 14, 2022 Sunday: Day 79 Shearwater to Fury Cove 92 miles-  3727 total miles

We have another big crossing coming up soon. Today didn’t look great for crossing so we were stalling a little bit. Tomorrow is looking like the day we will cross Queen Charlotte Strait. It’s our last major crossing and for some reason we are feeling a little stressed about it.

Since we weren’t in a huge hurry we slept in. We got breakfast at the restaurant there, and then headed out. (We got take out since we still are feeling a little under the weather and we don’t want to spread our germs.)  We were close to an old saw mill town that has been pretty much vacated since the ‘80s. There are a few people that still live there, but not many. We headed to Ocean Falls to check out the vacated town. We docked and walked around. It looks like they may be in the process of tearing down a lot of the old buildings and they have signs everywhere saying to keep out of the buildings that are still there. We stopped and got ice cream and then we hiked up the waterfall to the dam and saw the lake. It was so rainy and we were all getting pretty soaked. I thought I was feeling better today, but hiking around town made me feel yucky again. I was glad we stopped and it definitely is a cool place!

We made it back to the boat and headed towards Queen Charlotte Strait. On our way we saw a bunch of whales breaching. We saw some near land breaching, and then there was a group in front of us breaching. It really did feel like they were communicating with each other. It was great because we were already heading their way so we just got to watch the show as we still made progress towards our destination. 

Queen Charlotte Strait was actually looking really good weather wise that night and we were so tempted to go. Sadly we didn’t have enough daylight and we weren’t sure how the anchorages were along the way. We decided that we would just anchor for the night, get up with the sun, and cross in the morning.

We stopped at Fury Cove, there was one other sailboat in there with us. It was such a pretty anchorage with sandy beaches even. 

Ryan’s Thoughts: We went to a ghost town and got ice cream and whales were breaching!

Lillian’s Thoughts: We went to a ghost town and had ice cream, yum!

Fury Cove
Ocean Falls

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