Day 82: Annette Inlet to HOME

August 17, 2022 Wednesday: Day 82 Annette Inlet to HOME! ### miles-  #### total miles

We woke up at Annette Inlet and just headed straight for Roche Harbor. We used our CBPRoam App and when we were approaching Roche Harbor we got a call from customs saying we were good to go. We thought about docking at Roche Harbor for breakfast, but it was crowded and everyone wanted to get home. We got gas and headed on our way.

We wanted to go home through Deception Pass, it would be less choppy due to wind in the straits, and we hadn’t been that route before. We didn’t time the currents great at Deception Pass, but we still made it through without incident. The currents were going pretty fast, but the boat did great. 

It was weird coming into familiar waters, waters that we have boated in many many times. 

Ellen got a nap in and finally we made it to Edmonds! We tied up and then Chris had to take a Lyft to our house to get the truck. He finally made it back and it was so weird to get in the truck and then head home. 

When we got home Ellen was nervous and stayed close by. Slowly she started getting out all her toys and was having a great time. It was weird having such a big kitchen again and so much space. 

We did it! We boated from Edmonds to Alaska and back. What a wonderful experience we had! 

Ryan and Lillian wrote a poem about our trip:

Nebraska Alaska:
Dear Nebraska Alaska you treated us so well,

I miss all the icebergs and glaciers, but not the really big swells.

I now miss my sister and my mom and dad as well.

I have all my stuffys and friends with me in the bed,

I miss cuddling Ryan and the boat when it goes Boom!

But I don’t miss the chairs and the walls all wet with gloom.

I hope I see you again, but with a few adjustments.

I see that you are cold 

but we are very hot with it being summer and all that kind of thing.

I miss you so much 

It is the first night and we are scared of the dark

I hope I see my friends 

and my brain is still thinking

That this is not our forever home.

But it’s nine thirty and I really got to go!

Love Lily and Ryan

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