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Hi, We are the McBrides!  Chris is a Software Engineer, currently working at Zillow.  I am Amanda, and I am a Stay at Home Mom. Chris and I have known each other most of our lives and were best friends growing up. We dated off and on in high school and ended up getting married a few years after we graduated high school. (Chris spent a few years in Thailand and I spent a year in China doing volunteer work!) We have two kids, Ryan and Lillian. They are about a year and a half years apart so they are either best friends or are fighting. For the most part they are best friends and love doing things together!

Chris and I are both Arizona natives, we’ve lived their our whole lives and had no intentions of leaving Arizona. One day we decided that a change might be nice and we decided to look for jobs in other states. We finally decided that we’d love to give Washington a try, so here we are. It was sad leaving Arizona, mostly because most of our family is there, but we knew it would be a good change for our family so we did it! Washington suits us well and we are loving our time here We also love when our family and friends come to visit!

We are currently living in a fixer upper and we are hoping to turn it into our dream home! We have remodeled two other houses (in Arizona) and we really enjoying doing it! Most of our other hobbies are in the outdoors though. We love hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, (although that is a new hobby!) snorkeling, and scuba diving! I even love going on drives to enjoy the scenery! We love being outside as a family!

We hope that you enjoy hearing about our adventures in the Pacific Northwest!

Before we left Arizona to move to Washington we were able to get family pictures in the Arizona desert!