Utah Trip

One day I was on the phone with Beth. She was telling me how she was mad at me for not going down to a family reunion that we originally thought we would be at. She was also telling me about the rest of her summer plans, before she’d leave for Thailand. She told me … [Read more…]

Road trip to Utah

The kids and I did something that I have never done before….we took a Road trip just the three of us!!! I haven’t personally driven anywhere further than about 5 hours. I don’t think I have ever driven further than 3 hours alone with the kids. When I heard that my mom and Beth were … [Read more…]

First Family trip to….DISNEYLAND

Before we moved from Arizona I had wanted to take our kids to Disneyland. When we lived in Chandler, AZ we were only several hours from Disneyland. (Around 5!) I thought it would be way easier for us to hop in a car and drive a few hours and do Disneyland, than either drive A … [Read more…]

San Carlos, Mexico

We’ve been going to San Carlos Mexico for as long as I can remember. My dad has been going since he was 12 years old. He and my grandpa went when they got certified for Scuba Diving. San Carlos and Scuba Diving has been a huge love of my dad’s ever since! My Dad’s family … [Read more…]

Second Arizona Trip

We were recently able to make a trip back to Arizona. My family goes to Mexico a decent amount and they invited us to go in October. October is my favorite time to go to Mexico, the weather is warm, the water is warm, and its just a great time! Chris had a really great … [Read more…]