8 months

When we were on vacation in Arizona/Mexico we hit our 8 month mark! So crazy! Its been quite the adventure so far, but we are still loving it! We are starting to come into the rainy/wet/grey/gloomy season so hopefully we can survive that! So far we have made it through the end of winter, spring, … [Read more…]

Fall in Leavenworth

Icicle Creek- 4 miles out and back, limited elevation gain Pass-Northwest Forest Pass     Difficulty-1/5     Rating-3.5/5 September and now October flew by. I seriously don’t know where all the time went. Trying to get our house in order, vacationing, work, school, and trying to have some fun over the weekends has kept … [Read more…]

7 months

September marks 7 months since we left our Arizona home and family and left on this crazy adventure! Time really is flying by! September marks are 7th month here and it is also the first month that we will not see any of our Arizona family. How crazy is that? February before we moved we … [Read more…]

5 months and a trip to Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls- 2 miles out and back, 400 feet elevation gain Pass-Northwest Forest Pass     Difficulty-2/5     Rating-3.5/5 Has it already been 5 months? This month FLEW by! Partly because I didn’t realize we’d been here four months already until it was half way over. And partly because we had so much company … [Read more…]

McBrides Take Over Seattle

Bloedel Reserve-1.5+miles, little elevation gain Pass-pay to get into the park    Difficulty-1/5     Rating-4/5   Hidden Lake- 1.5 miles out and back, very mild elevation gain Pass-Northwest Forest Pass     Difficulty-1/5     Rating-3.5/5   Snoqualmie Falls-1.4 miles out and back, 250 feet elevation gain Pass-none     Difficulty-1/5     Rating-3.5/5 … [Read more…]

4 months

We have been living in Seattle for FOUR MONTHS now! I can’t believe we have been here that long already. Parts of me feel like we have lived here forever and other parts feel like it was just yesterday since we moved! I think we are all still very happy with out decision to move … [Read more…]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! I have been blessed with so many wonderful men in my life! I look at my life and who I am and I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without the men in my life! I have an amazing Father, Happy Father’s day! My dad, Rob. He is the best person I know. … [Read more…]