Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, April 23-April 27, 2019 We finally made it to Chiang Rai! After leaving Phayao we headed straight for the White Wat. The White Wat was about an hour drive from Phayao and right on the way to Chiang Rai. Chris went to the White Wat when he was living in Chiang Rai before. … [Read more…]

Road trip to Chiang Rai

Driving to Chiang Rai from Loei with stops in between: April 21-April 23, 2019 Chiang Rai is one of my favorite places in Thailand. There is so much to do, from waterfalls to elephants. The food is amazing in this region as well, and the weather is cooler since it is up in the mountains. … [Read more…]


Loei April 19-April 21, 2019 Loei was the biggest surprise this trip! Its a city I had never heard of before. Chris had never been there or heard of it either. When I was researching things to do in the Isaan Loei kept popping up. It was definitely high up on my list of places … [Read more…]

Nong Khai

Nong Khai April 18-April 19, 2019 We made it to Nong Khai late evening on Thursday. When we were first planning our trip to Thailand we had no plans of going to Nong Khai. We were just going to go to Yasothon and Roi Et, then take a more direct route to Chiang Rai. The … [Read more…]

Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen April 16-April 18, 2019 We flew into Khon Kaen about 8:00 PM on Saturday April 13, 2019. We went straight to our hotel, we didn’t even eat dinner, and went to bed. When we woke up we ate breakfast at our hotel, checked out and we left Khon Kaen for a few days. … [Read more…]


Yastothon April 14-April 16, 2019 Yasothon was our first major destination when we went to Thailand. We did fly into Chiang Mai, then caught a flight right away to Khon Kaen. We did stay the night in Khon Kaen and headed to Roi Et, where we played Songkran for a few hours. After Roi Et … [Read more…]


Songkran is a holiday in Thailand celebrated April 13-April 15. It is the traditional New Year in Thailand, and is when the sun passes through the constellation Aries. (Follows the solar calendar.) During Songkran the city shuts down, people go home to celebrate with their families, and the country has a giant water fight! The … [Read more…]

Thailand Overview

When we were in Thailand we went ALL over the place! Since we did a lot of things I will break those up into different blog posts, but here is a quick over view of the trip! First we drove to Vancouver Canada after Chris got home from work on April 10, 2019 and stayed … [Read more…]

Planning for Thailand

Chris and I travel very similarly to each other, but probably fairly different from a lot of people. We are busy and like to go go go. We don’t necessarily want to over do it, but we do want to do a lot! We also aren’t really beach people. Although we do enjoy the water … [Read more…]

March no More

Spring has come to Seattle! The weather is warming up, the sun is shining a lot longer and a lot more often, and we are enjoying it! (Although I still do enjoy the rainy days too!) We were able to do a lot of fun things in March (which was MUCH needed for all of … [Read more…]

Cool to go to School

There have been some really fun things going on at the school this month! First we had Heritage Night. Heritage Night is where families are encouraged to come and show off their culture to the school. There is a potluck where people are encouraged to bring in their favorite dish, or a dish that represents … [Read more…]