Beth 4.0

Is this really Beth’s 4 visit? One of the perks of having your sister 10 years younger than you, and the baby of the family, she gets to come and visit a lot before she starts her real adult life! Once the siblings get married, they just don’t come and visit as much. (Ahem to … [Read more…]

November 2017

Despite being sick most of November, we managed to have a pretty good month! Chris worked from home several days since he was sick, but on November 10 he had no choice but to go to work since it was Zillow’s “bring a kid to work day.” The kids love going to work with Chris … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017

October is the best time to go to San Carlos Mexico! Since moving we weren’t sure how much we’d be able to go, or even IF we would be able to go. Luckily we were able to go last year with my family and we had a great time. Since it worked out so great … [Read more…]